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We are the manufacturer of hospital beds and Equipments . Contact us for our new designed and competitive products. For top-notch products and affordable prices, please visit our hospital equipment products

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Our products include Surgical Lights, Surgical Drapes and Gowns, Surgical Sutures , Laminar Flow Unit, UV-C Air & Surface Sterilizer, Surgical Light Operation Room, Automatic Sliding Door , Hermetic Ot Door, Automatic Door 90˚, Waiting Chair Triple, Waiting Chair Double, Stool With Backrest, Stool, Hospital Beds, Hospital Fixtures, Hospital Medical Devices, Hospital Operating Room Automatic Doors and more..

NEUTUS is here to provide you with quality service with our new and competitive hospital products and hospital bedsteads, hospital beds and hospital furniture. If you are looking for high quality hospital products and hospital equipments at an affordable price, please contact NEUTUS Medical.

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